Night Sweats are over for these people and many others.

• Night Sweats and sleeping hot can be controlled, here are just a few stories that we have received.

I have Multiple Sclerosis. When I become overheated my MS symptoms worsen. I started using my "BedFan™" this past summer. It is a great product for me! I've been able to sleep at night without the discomfort I feel when I become overheated.
The "BedFan™" actually lowered the electric bill because the air conditioner didn't have to run as often. I did have to buy new sheets that had a higher thread count. (The instructions recommend 400 or higher thread count.) This DID make the "BedFan™" more efficient. Once I bought a set of 600 threat count sheets I was able to keep the "BedFan™" on a very low setting. I couldn't even feel air blowing on my feet or legs,yet my body stayed cool and comfortable.
I recommend this product to fellow "MSers". Since I'm a woman and 48 years old,I also recommend it for menopausal symptoms...night sweats. This is a product that helped me save money and improves the quality of my life. Thanks for a super product!!
Happy "MSer"
This bedfan™ is awesome. [...] it was easy to install. As soon as I got the product installed, I turned my standing fan and A/C off and felt instant coolness. I was able to sleep with the A/C off which should lower my bill.
J. Taylor
Dear Mr. Tompkins,
I just received my Bedfan™ and I had to write to you to express how impressed I am with this product. It is ingenious. You would think all of us women out there suffering from menopausal night sweats would have invented something like this, but I guess none of us can think clearly while in the throes of menopause. I think you have created a great product.
I installed the Bedfan™ on my bed in less than five minutes. I thought I had a tall bed, but I don't and the Bedfan™ fit perfectly as depicted in some of the pictures in the installation manual. It isn't night time yet, but I jumped into bed to try it out and the cooling effect was just fantastic. And, you don't really have to turn it up all the way to feel comfortable; the lower fan speed provides good cooling and the fan is quiet at lower speeds.
The Bedfan™ is not widely advertised. If I had not been looking at the AOL welcome page on a recent afternoon, I would not have learned about this product. The Bedfan™ is the perfect product for a shopping channel like QVC. I shop alot on QVC and if I had seen a demonstration of the Bedfan™ there I would have immediately ordered it. I think they would welcome you with open arms and thousands of people would be calling up to order it during your presentation. Also, stores like Bed Bath and Beyond are perfect settings to showcase the Bedfan™.
I almost canceled my order thinking it was not going to ship out in a timely fashion and after receiving your email I am so glad I did not cancel
Thank you for a great product.
Sincerely, Arlene M
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As a one year owner/user of the Bedfan™ I can attest to the fact that everything that everyone else says in their testimonial is absolutely true! No more night sweats! I was able to turn my thermostat up from 72 to 82. I was skeptical but as I kept waking up freezing cold…I kept turning it up until it was at 82. I sleep better. It will not disturb your sleeping partners temperature. So if one person likes it warm, and the other cool…then put the fan closer to you…if both of you want to be cool, position it in the middle. My power bills have been cut in half! This fan is one of the best things I ever bought! You will save enough money on your power bill in about 2 months to cover the cost of the Bedfan™. Makes a great gift also, I gave away 4 of them last Christmas.
Joanne Orlando, FL