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    Sweating at night

    Let me tell you about my Bedfan ........

    When my husband first told me about it, (he saw something on the computer) I thought it was just another scam. Nothing would work as well as they described. Well, since I got a money back guarantee, I thought it was worth a try. WOW!! Was I surprised!

    Between menopause, night sweats and a couple of health issues, I didn't think such a comfortable nights sleep was possible! It just bathes you in this luxurious stream of cool, comforting air! One of the most surprising things was that it is virtually silent!! A very low hum that I believe helps lull me to sleep! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!! (Now, if only I didn't have to fight my cat on the fact that he constantly lays between me and the Bedfan !! I guess he likes it too!)

    And as my husband says, "If Momma's happy, EVERYBODY'S happy!!

    Thank you so much! I look forward to many years of comfortable summers, and lower electric bills!!

    Barbara Karlsson

    Menopause Night sweats Gone


    quoteMenopausal women will kill for this

    Sweating at night

    Sweating at Night

    Sweating at night is a very common problem for many people. Regardless of the reason, sweating at night is tied to one specific trigger.   In this section I will try to address the general reason why people are sweating at night. This information is not tied to one specific cause for sweating but it is related to them all. For sweating at night can be explained in a logical manner that will allow you to eliminate this sleep depriving problem.

    Sweating at night is simply due to the bodies inability to cool itself down. As uncomplicated as that may sound, there is more to it than that clear-cut fact. For we must understand how the body cools itself down before we can address the problem successfully.

    Sweating at night is the very last action that the body takes in its effort to cool down. Anything past that stage becomes a health risk commonly known as heat exhaustion. Prior to sweating the body attempts to eliminate heat using three preferred methods. If the required coolness can not be obtained with the three main methods of cooling, the body has no choice but to sweat.

    The three methods the body uses prior to sweating at night or sweating any time are the following in this order:

    • Radiation
    • Conduction
    • Convection

    Radiation is when you radiate heat energy like an oven, or a light bulb, You can feel the heat without touching the source.

    Conduction is the heat that you will feel when you touch the source of radiant heat. That heat that is transferred to your hand by conduction.

    Convection is the heat that you can feel when hot air is blown upon you. Like the heat of a hair dryer. That is an extreme example of convection but simple to understand. The heat that is generated within the hair dryer is transferred to the air via convection. Thus the air is conveying the heat from the heat source inside of the dryer. The heat is moved from inside the hair dryer, out to your hair using air.

    So what does all this have to do with sweating at night? Lets remember that sweating is the very last phase of cooling that the body will go through prior to just shutting itself down. We are attempting to eliminate sweating at night.  so to accomplish this we must realize that we must cool the body before we reach the sweating stage.

    Radiation and conduction are the two cooling methods that are normally used while we are in bed. Your body radiates heat and your bed absorbs that radiation. You are laying in your bed, surrounded by material, that material is also absorbing your body heat. 

    Sweating at night happens because we reach a point in our bed where the bed is no longer able to absorb more heat. The next step the body takes to cool itself down is sweating. 

    But wait, you say, what about the third step in cooling, Convection?
    You are absolutely right. How could we forget about convection. Remember the description of convection, where the air moves next to the source of heat and conveys that heat away. Well until you found this site, you had no way of conveying that heat with air unless you kicked off your covers and let the air flow freely around you.

    That is exactly what the Bedfan cooling system will do for you. It will cool your body and your bed using convection. You will remain cool and your sweating at night will be over for good.