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Night Sweats Helped with Mystery ingredient / AWETO

image What is it?

Aweto, also known as "worm grass" or "summer-worm, winter-grass," is a staple in Chinese Traditional Medicine. It’s not really a plant or a worm. It’s the result of a parasitic relationship between the fungus cordyceps and the larva of the ghost moth (thitarodes). The fungus germinates in the larva, kills and mummifies the moth, and then the cordyceps grows from the head of the insect.

Looks like:

You guessed it — a dried worm, about three to five centimetres long and yellowish brown in colour, complete with the segmented body. There’s usually a little stem sticking out of one end.

Tastes like:

Real aweto smells like earthy, fishy mushrooms and has a crunchy texture and a slightly sweet taste.

Used in:

The worm was thought by TCM doctors to improve people’s immunity to all illnesses. It’s said to be especially beneficial for the lungs and kidneys and is used to treat, among other things, impotence, night sweats , coughing and asthma. It’s usually ground into power and made into a tea or added to soups.